Blueberry Coconut loaf

For the final Class before I have several weeks off for the birth and new mum role, i made this which was decided on by the contents of my cupboards.  It didn’t rise that well and I overmixed the blueberries so the whole sponge had a blue tinge to it!  For a low sugar, no… Continue reading Blueberry Coconut loaf

Chickpea blondies

These were a blast to make! ‘Very moist and tasty’ was the feedback from my Pregnant ladies. Ingredients 250g plain flour 1 can of chick peas (drain, keep the liquid/brine and wash the peas) 2tbs of chickpea liquid 200g sugar (i used caster) 6 tbs melted coconut oil 1 tsp vanilla extract 60g Chocolate chips… Continue reading Chickpea blondies