What to expect & commonly asked questions

class freeI am trained in Traditional Hatha yoga. Hatha is the balance of sun and moon, the masculine and feminine and when these two are in harmony, so is the body and mind.

My approach is spiritual and fun teaching you to observe the mind using the breath. Creating a calm, happy mind results in a calm, happy body.  Learn to listen to the body while attaining stability and mobility by practicing postures and movements. The classes always finish with meditation and relaxation that soothe your soul.  I teach relaxation techniques to facilitate a great nights sleep; learn how to separate your thoughts from your consciousness and not to act on them.

Connecting to the breath for 10 minutes a day allows us to gain self awareness and a peace. Who doesn’t want to have peace? It gives our minds a break, what a relief!  Being able to do a complex pose (asana) is not the BIG DEAL in Yoga; It’s the journey it takes you getting there/not getting there.

I teach at Rowheath Pavilions, Bournville Birmingham. I have a Beginners’ class on Mondays for total newbies and improvers. I can provide mats if I am notified. Bringing a blanket is recommended and don’t eat too soon to the start times. ‘Drop In’ is available- perfect for shift workers/ busy people/parents/guinea pig owners who like to be free spirits!

The Pregnancy Yoga and Stretch and Relax with baby classes are held at Saint Nicolas Place, the Green at Kings Norton, Birmingham. I can supply mats-please bring a blanket for the relaxation part.


What to wear

Come in comfy, easy to move-in clothing!  Bare feet are encouraged, definitely no trainers!

Ideally do not eat for 1-2 hours before the class or have a banana/some nuts to keep you going