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  1. Hi
    I’ve been told by my GP that I should start yoga to help with my back issues but I’m a little nervous
    I’ve never done classes like this and felt quite self concious as I’m 15st and wearing anything tight is my worst nightmare
    I’d like to try your class but as I said,I’m self concious
    Help !!

    1. Hi Debbie
      Thank you for getting in touch-that’s half of the struggle already which you’ve done! I am sorry It’s taken a bit to reply (This is a new website/still teething!) Firstly tight clothes are not mandatory. Loose, relaxed clothes are the best. This is not the gym (it’s as far removed as I hope possible) If it helps there are all shapes of customers in my classes and Yoga promotes looking inward as apposed to seeing what your neighbour is doing. Do come and check out a class. I recommend Friday (if you can as it’s an early start-1730) as it’s a much smaller class and It’s on this week! The Monday classes aren’t starting til 8th May unfortunately. I hope this helps- any further questions do get in touch. I’d love to see you this Friday! I am already thinking of a class specifically for back pains! George

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