Hi my name is George I am a Body Positive person trained in Hatha, anti/post natal, with certification for ‘Yoga for mental health’, Yoga Nidra and currently in training for ‘Yoga and Cancer.’

 Yoga Really Works was founded 2016.
I teach Yoga to be about self awareness and by going into the subtle realms observing the organs, prana, experiences and sensations of being human we can change our thought patterns and habits and grow into even more understanding of the Self. With a more awareness and a strength to keep us human and unafraid of outside concerns whilst we live interconnected on this Planet. Intuition plays a part here too!

Most importantly it’s a fun thing to teach! While spending time in India in 2010 I became engrossed in it. I also asked the question; ‘what’s this thing with meditation?!’ I went on to study Vipassana meditation in Thailand. This realigns your mind so you see the truth that’s right before us-I recommend it.

I use yoga for its healing properties; to restore the health of the body and mind. Using yoga as a tool I can see why things happen the way they do! Yoga eases frustrations and annoyances while increases kindness/compassion. It also re awakens us; forget the humdrum of normal life. You make the rules-you are the author of your life.  That’s epic news to some. To lead an outrageously abnormal life where a walk in the local park is seen with fresh /new eyes and to be inspired from a conversation at the coffee shop.

For a while now i have been advocating for body positivity;  We are a body orientated culture, that’s for sure but we are not only our bodies! So when I see the usually white, slim, very bendy and fashionable posting Yoga pics on their Instagram accounts I get a bit riled.. This is not realistic to the demographic who practice yoga.   These photos may draw in a few people to aspire to this ‘pleasing image’ but I reckon it puts people off too.  The complex looking poses generate a wrong belief that yoga practice is ALL ABOUT  the physicality of asanas and therefore the unattainable ones too!! Yoga should be for all.  We judge ourselves by our appearance and the body’s ability to perform.  Next time you find yourself doing this-i.e “I wish I could put my ankles behind my head,” show your body some appreciation;  It’s an incredible machine!