What I’ve learnt from Online Teaching

Me at the beginning of my Live Stream Classes (I’m 3 weeks into it now!)

More than ever it’s about Connection! Seeing my students’ faces makes me so happy. There’s a sense of community which is so needed right now.
I love that we can say hello before the classes start. I enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to

 Starting out ‘Zooming’ brought a whole new shopping bag of stresses. Such as:

technical crap to fathom 
More technical crap to learn and Other Problems
 Childcare issues (different to leaving the house)
Confidence in myself to be ‘good’
Pet problems/creaky floorboards/ crying baby
All being caught on camera!

But I’ve really learnt to let it go and roll with it all-
i am so grateful for Yoga as a self care tool.


Spinach & banana muffins

These are so easy and quick. I had a load of fresh spinach to use up and my youngest boy L has begun weaning so its lots of fun in our house atm but i do find i’m more stretched for time second time ’round. Wednesday’s can be a cooking day with R being at nursery so I put these together ready for the taste test later…

note** i did plan for them to be vegan and then added an egg..whoops so will need to try it again without.

The cake mix is quite a wet, sloppy one but the finished product was light, springy, very green little muffins. VERY GREEN.

It’s unclear where the silicon muffin tray has gone to!


Oven temperature @ 180 degrees to then reduce to 170 as the batter goes in.


  • 2-2.5 small/med bananas. the brown ones are the best
  • 100g spinach fresh or frozen (thaw first)
  • 150g any milk (i used almond unsweetened)
  • 2 tbs maple syrup or honey
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg (if vegan etc leave out and add 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda)
  • 155g self raising flour
  • 95g rolled oats
  • 50ml veg oil or similar


  • use a blender of some sort (smoothie maker or Stick blender) to whizz the spinach and bananas together
  • in a mixing bowl add the egg if using and whisk together with your chosen milk.
  • then the maple syrup/honey and oil
  • Add the greeny mix to this bowl and whisk some more
  • now add all the dry ingredients! The flour, oats, baking powder. You can stay using the whisk as it should be a wet mixture.
  • Add this to a greased muffin/ cupcake tin. note**silicon is much easier to release them from…!
  • cook for about 12 minutes depending on the amount/size of your muffins, i made 10.

That’s it!

look at that weather!

Maternity Leave has begun!

The summer classes are all finished and i’m settling into Nesting and Preparation mode (mostly filling the freezer with meals and going through the nursery now that R is in his new room)! I’ve also discovered Nadiya Hussain’s cookery show: she’s got some great ideas and inspiring.

So It’ll be quiet on here for a few months but i’ll send out a Newsletter in September with The Birth Info followed by 2020 Classes and News.

Here’s a couple of pics from this Year’s Yoga Outside at The Rowheath Pavilions. The weather was just about OK..!

Thank you for all who attended and made the classes a lovely way to finish for the Summer/Baby no 2.

I’m going on Maternity Leave!

So there will be 4 months of no classes. Classes return January 2020.

The last block of Antenatal classes starts this week, 13th June.

Stretch & Relax classes finish 19th July whilst there’s only 2 weeks left to catch a Wednesday night’s Beginners Class… It’s all moving very quickly!

However I am teaching 4 classes of Yoga Outside at Rowheath Pavilion, next to the duck pond. This will be gentle Hatha yoga with movement, breath practice, stillness… among the chestnut trees and the odd geese!

These are on Mondays at 1830 to 1930hrs

22nd July, 29th July, 5th & 12th August

Please note; adults only

Price is £7 Drop In or pay £20 advance payment for all 4 classes.

Email me at yogareallyworks@outlook.com for enquiries/booking

Bring your own mat as I will be very large by then and carrying any more weight is not ideal..

*If weather is wet we will be indoors in the Conference room.