What I’ve learnt from Online Teaching

Me at the beginning of my Live Stream Classes (I’m 3 weeks into it now!)

More than ever it’s about Connection! Seeing my students’ faces makes me so happy. There’s a sense of community which is so needed right now.
I love that we can say hello before the classes start. I enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to

 Starting out ‘Zooming’ brought a whole new shopping bag of stresses. Such as:

technical crap to fathom 
More technical crap to learn and Other Problems
 Childcare issues (different to leaving the house)
Confidence in myself to be ‘good’
Pet problems/creaky floorboards/ crying baby
All being caught on camera!

But I’ve really learnt to let it go and roll with it all-
i am so grateful for Yoga as a self care tool.


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