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  • Sesame seed cake

    This is a very moreish cake (i’m on my 2nd slice already) It definitely is improved by the small amount of almond flour added-adds to the nutty, toasted taste. Ingredients 50g sesame seeds 120g softened unsalted butter 185g Caster sugar 1tsp vanilla extract 2 1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil 2 eggs 150g plain flour 120ml buttermilk […]

  • Blueberry and banana loaf No sugar or fat!

    Ingredients 85g self raising flour 165g plain flour 1tsp bicarbonate of soda pinch of salt heaped tsp cinnamon 2 ripe bananas mashed 2 tbs heaped blueberries (i used frozen) 2 tbs apple sauce 3 eggs 1 tbs greek yogurt 1 tsp vanilla extract FOR THE DRIZZLE Any jam/jelly will do! As long as it’s sweet. […]

  • Soft cocoa and orange cookies Vg

      Vegan Makes 12 cookies Ingredients 200g plain flour 100g demerara/brown sugar 75ml oil (I used Rape seed oil) 1 medium ripe banana mashed 2 very heaped tbs cocoa powder 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1/4 salt 1 medium size orange zest grated 1 tbs fresh orange juice Whisk together the sugar and oil Add […]

  • Very moist lemon, polenta loaf

    This went down extremely well at class I didn’t use gluten free bicarbonate soda but if you are making this gf then do change it Ingredients 185g caster sugar 165g butter and 1 tbs coconut oil soft 3 eggs 150g ground almonds 130g polenta fine-medium ground 2 lemons zest 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda 2 […]

  • Banoffee Flapjack

    Class 1 of Pregnancy Classes and I thought I should start as I mean To Go On in the sense that I want to create healthy snacks for my Pregnant mamas: variations of cakes but omitting maybe an egg… or being Gluten free one week or using alternatives to white sugar and veganising things. I […]

  • New Antenatal classes

    Support for holistic  health and  preparing the body for the birth; Meet like minded individuals!   I am very happy to announce Pregnancy yoga classes starting Thursday March 30th 2017 @ Saint Nicolas’ Place, Kings Norton Green, Birmingham B38 8RU.

  • Friday Wind down classes

    Introducing new classes @ Rowheath Pavilion, Bournville, B30 1HH. A gentle 1 hour to refresh and relax upstairs in the Conference room.  Newbies and seasoned yogis welcome- all bodies welcome! 1730-1830hrs,£7  Mats provided, bring a blanket

  • Good day!

    Hello this is my site.  It’s new hence the lack of contents and these lousy photos from the Philippines last year.  I’m actually stationed in Birmingham, UK. Yep no where near a beach.